Envidra Answers

Our Support model at Envidra goes beyond caring for just our clients and patrons. We are uniquely suited to provide assistance no matter what information you are seeking or what challenges you face in any of the areas of our competency - Information Technology, Development Resouirce Management, Energy, Environment, Health, Poverty Alleviation and Gender Issues. It does not have to be about you patronizing our services. If you have any issues , questions or concerns or have any opportunity that you will like to discuss in any of our mission areas please feel free to either contact us . Our promise is to provide you a solution that fits your needs.

In order for us to best satisfy the potential demand for this type of open support service, we believe in the power of community. In this regard we believe a problem shared is a problem solved on a timely basis. To this end irrespective of what is your question, concerns or ideas please kindly submit in our community. Not only will you have an immediate response from our diverse team of in-house and network of highly specialized resource persons but you will also get your questions answered or ideas improved and enhanced by input from members of our community. The idea is not only to provide a veritable mechanism for giving you timely answers to your questions either for our staff mmebers but to foster a health debate on topical issues within our area of mandate.

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