Educational Services


True to our core mission Envidra contributes to the global community in offering targeted specialized educational services:

    • uAfter School programs
  • uExamination Preparation    Services.
  • uYouth Centers and Parks Development.
  • uChild Care Facilities.
  • uCareer Counseling Services.
  • Library and Computer Technological Services
  • Scholarships.



Entrepreneurship and Talent Development

Envidra good works focus on women and other vulnerable groups to develop critical productive capacity in the communities that we serve including:

uGender Specialized skill Development Programs.
uTalent Development in Music , Fashion, Arts and Craft .
uSmall Business Revolving Credit and Microcredit.
uTechnology and Research for Microfinance.
uMarketing of  African, Latina and Indo-Asian Products.
Business Development Consultancy.


Environment and Health Initiatives


And yes we do care about our environment and the health of folks in the community we serve and beyond. Areas of immediate interest are:

uHealth empowerment and Support.
Ambulatory and Emergency Health Services.
uHIV/Aids Education and Support.
uEye Care Services.
uHabitat for Youths Program.
uEnviroment and Water Supply Programs.
uHealth and Enviroment Informatics and Technology Support.


Economics Exchange

Our world often finds itself in economic turmoil. In developing countries this is a permanent feature. Envidra intends to setup an ongoing action research to help with improving capacity for economic thought and policy, specifically:

uSponsor Economic Policy Research and Interventions. Maintain Online Economics Exchange Forum.
Sponsor Competitions among University Students on Topical issues.
uConduct Policy Seminars and Workshops and publish Books and Journals.

Yes We Can Help!

Envidra  offers various community initiatives in four key areas of Youth and Children education to allow us assist these kids improve their performance in school as well as obtain education and necessary skill set for them to develop sound character and become productive members of society. We are also engaged in assisting directly with poverty alleviation and gender inequality issues through our work in entreprenurship development and micro finance.
In addition we have critical propgrams in the Health and environment sector both with direct intervention as well as policy research as well as education and individual empowerment programs.
Finally we have our Economics Exchange operations which in addition to providing a broad forum for ecomic theoretical and policy discuss relevant to the needs of developing economies, we also have specific action programs to address specific issues and economic bottlenecks that we identify across third world economies. we will offer an annual development policy seminar as well technical workshopsand create a competition or program that contributes to development of economic analysis capacity and identification of policy solutions an interventions among the new generation of economists.

If you have any interests in any of these critical area of iEnvidra community interventions please write to ask for our annual work program or contact the Deputy Program Director ( Community Services) for assitance. You can request the most up-to-date information on our work program from

Did you know?
Envidra is currently engaged in a multi year work program to provide small business development services as well as direct micro credit and individual self help for over 30 small business owners in Bodija, Ibadan. The program has been a remarkable success and continues to grow.

This year Envidra plans to launch a competition among University Economics Undergraduate in the thrid and final year with a minimum of B+ or 3.5 GPA average. The competition will discuss a panacea for Nigeria Electricity Infrastructure problems and identify a long term durable solution. The outcome of the seminar will be discussed at a conference in Spring 2010..