Consulting Services

Envidra's Consulting and Business Team offers best in class solutions and capacity building programs to a diverse group of individuals, business and public sector officials.  

In the private sector, the strategic approach currently is to provide a total support for the small to medium size  as well as large enterprises and individuals with a limited budget. We work on a personalized basis to customize and fulfill your specific needs. The areas of consulting activity covers the entire systems life cycle. It ranges from Market Research, Training Needs Assessment, Feasibility Analysis, Data Analysis, Quality Assurance, Custom Software Development, systems security and Networking as well as Publications. At Envidra our strategic approach is to focus critically on the individual or  business enterprise utilizing our evolved Business Model & Service Partnership that enables companies to achieve their core corporate objectives without forcing changes in the way they are used to doing business. Not only can we better manage our partner's technology, we engage effectively with all the stockholders in the organization to ensure that the business solutions we recommend and implement succeed.

Outside of our private sector solutions we are renowned for our bent on cutting edge Development Management Action and Policy Research, as well as end to end public and non-profit  sector training. We participate actively in Economic and Social sectors as well as policy interventions to bring about massive changes in the well being of the communities we serve. We also undertake macro economic policy research focusing on general macroeconomic and econometric studies, environment, energy, Banking and Finance, poverty as well as gender issues.


·         Development Management Consulting

  • ·         Statistics and Macroeconomic Research and Consulting

  • ·         Banking and Investment Management

                • ·         Oil and Gas Sector Analysis and Management

                • ·         Telecommunications

  • ·         Market Research

  • ·         Project Management

·         Systems Design and Architecture

·         e-commerce Consulting

·         Data Analysis and Migration

·         Business Application Software Development

·         Telecommunications Consulting

·         Business Process Review and Improvement

·         Testing and Software Quality Assurance

·         Needs Assessment, Market Research and Business Analysis

·         Customer Experience Management & Call Center Services

·         Web Site Development and Hosting Services