Technology Services

Our training programs cover the entire spectrum of competencies in Information Technology including Oracle Applications and our flagship Database Administrator Course, UNIX, Software Project Management, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Networking, Web Development and Architecture, Enterprise Software Applications and  Basic Microsoft Applications Training among others. We offer customized application of these technology courses in Oil & Gas, Health and Telecommunications.

Development Management

Envidra develops and deliver technical and policy seminars in the general area of economic and development management. The core focus of these training and capacity building effort is to build a critical mass of competent personnel and institutional capability for effective management of development resources which addresses issues of poverty, alleviation of corruption , unemployment and micro enterprises development, micro credit, gender inequality, environment, health as well as building the foundation blocks of pragmatic economic and development engineering.

Oil and Gas   Initiatives

Oil and Gas and effective utilization of petroleum resources is paramount to the work of Envidra. In the training space our focus is on training in various aspects of petroleum services, engineering, reliability centered maintenance, safety as well as providing cutting edge leadership and project management capabilities in the sector. We also leverage our capabilities in providing cutting edge solutions with appropriate application of information technology tools and informatics to improve operations as well as promoting environmentally sustainable practices.

Custom Training Packages

Our highly specialized team is able to design and deliver  customized training packages, tailored specifically to the needs of your institution or that of an individual. Our training is best-in-class and utilizes our network of national and international resource persons for implementation. Envidra is very active in training needs assessment activities and in training quality assurance and evaluation.  We create specialized instructional materials for distance or blended delivery. Customer Packages are available in any of the core competencies of Envidra.

Training Operations

"when people have the job skills they need to find jobs they love while performing at their best - morale, loyalty and staff retention significantly increase. The productivity impact and the benefit to the bottom line of the individual and institution is huge.... Invest in your future"

-- unknown

At Envidra our training programs and activities are geared towards contributing to the building of a critical mass of competent professionals in the Information technology and development management arena. In this connection, the training programs are developed to have core applications to real life. The training packages are also designed with a view to differing skill levels among our participants. Training covers all spectrum from Novice to the Experts. The cardinal philosophy is that we recognize that technology and development changes at an ever-increasing rate, a gap is then formed between the foundation provided by an academic education and the technical competency required in today's business environment and the management of development resources. The training mix we provide at Envidra is designed to help you acquire the skills you need in today's competitive job market fast or to perform more effectively in your current profession. And since your training is job role focused, you're able to apply your new skills the day you return to work and start reaping benefits immediately. Conversely if you are in the job market looking for new opportunity or in need of retraining, we provide you with a veritable menu of cutting edge training courses which will ensure that you achieve your goals rapidly and yes, at an affordable cost.

We offer unparalleled support and post-training support for our alumnus. Assistance include access to our state of the arts library and software facilities, provision of internship, job search assistance among others. Access to a network of highly competent resource personnel in our area is also guaranteed. Year after year Envidra continues to refine our quality processes. Our on-going investment in course development, instructor training and facilities has produced a level of total quality that ensures investment you make in your future with Envidra will produce the results you and your organization demand. 

Technology TRAINING
  • Oracle  OCP/OCA program
  • Reporting Workshop focusing on SQL and PL/SQL
  • UNIX Operations and Systems Administrator  Courses
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • PMP PMBOK Boot Camp and Software Project Management Courses
  • MCSE, Networking and A+ Certification courses
  • Basic Computing and Introduction to Microsoft office
  • Web Development Courses


  • Innovation & engineering Advances in Pipeline and distribution management.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance and Safety in Oil and Gas Operations.
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling and Production for non- engineers.
  • Plant Maintenance, Infrastructure Management and Asset  Evaluation
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodologies for Oil and Gas Manufacturing Operations
  • Strategic Leadership for Inspirational Change in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Emergency  Management ,  Occupational Health and Environmental Considerations in Oil and Gas Operations.
  • Oil And Gas Accounting Approaches.


  • Information Technology Tools for Development Professionals 
  • Water Supply Sector Planning and Management 
  • Policy Seminar on Improving Governance and the Quality of Government Expenditure 
  • Investment Appraisal Techniques for Micro Credit and Micro Finance Services
  •  Effective Management of HIV and other Communicable Diseases in developing economies

Details of the courses are available on request by email from our  Participant Information Center.