Our Mission

People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn't make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.  -Mary Kay Ash

The mission of ENVIDRA is to provide cutting edge solutions in the area of  development resource management, information technology, Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecommunications, environment and poverty alleviation worldwide. The immediate task is to provide best in class individual training as well as capacity building programs, consultancy and development advisory services for private sector, governmental and non profit agencies or individuals.

Our hallmark is the ability to blend innovation, theory and practice. We look forward to serving you and thank you for visiting our world.


Our History
Envidra evolved from a pragmatic desire on the parts of several development practitioners, business leaders and information technology specialists to bring together under a unified partnership all of their expertise and specialized  experiences to the benefit of mankind. The collaborating agencies leading to the Envidra concept span at least two decades starting with the laudable works of the Community Support Unit (CSU) based in Bradford, UK and the micro credit work being done in Africa by the Mayjoy HMS. In the information technology arena the experience span over the last ten years with several successful and highly specialized training initiatives designed and delivered by Softedge Inc. All these organizations are coming together under one umbrella and management to form a best in class outfit empowered to provide cutting edge training and consulting services as well as policy advisory services that will ensure the creation of a critical mass of competent professionals in its area of mandate. The agency will also be very active in the community with action research projects as well as direct involvement in community development programs focusing on poverty alleviation and gender balance.  Agencies and activities being merged into one unit for effective delivery of services include the folowing:
  • Softedge Inc.
  • Management Development and Policy Advisory Services
  • Policy research and Advisory Council
  • Envision Computers
  • Resource Development Agency
  • Envision Health
  • Forum for Environmental Choice
  • St. Mary's Place
  • Community Support Unit
  • Envision International
  • Mayjoy HMS
  • Envision Oil & Gas
Corporate Structure and Funding

 Envidra is managed within a three tier structure to ensure effective realization of her cardinal objectives.

1. A Board of Trustees responsible for setting corporate policy, providing support for a multi-year program of  activities and approving an annual program of work and budget. The Board has oversight responsibility on all of the operations of the organization. The Board is made up of five members and two members of the Advisory Council - the Director of Programs and the Finance Director. The Chief Operations Officer serves as Secretary of the Board

2. An Advisory Committee composed of experts in various fields germane to the mandate of Envision and its program of work. The Committee will also consist of experienced officials of other non profit agencies and religious organizations collaborating with Envision in the implementation of its work program. The Advisory committee is expected to meet regularly to provide guidance in the development of the work program, evaluate all areas of operations and management and advise the Board of Trustees accordingly. The Advisory Council has seven members.


3. A specialized management team responsible for initiating and implementing the program of activities. The management team is responsible for day to day operations of the agency. It utilizes an extensive network of resource persons and volunteers in the implementation of its annual program of work. A multidisciplinary core staff complement under the direction of an Executive Programs Director  is maintained in-house with responsibility for all aspects of project delivery and project life cycle. The Executive Director is appointed by the


Funding and resources donation for the program of work is obtained from the following sources:

1. Voluntary contributions by members and trustees

2. Private Individuals, Companies and Community Development Associations.

3. Governmental agencies.

4. Grants and funding support from International donor agencies and multinationals.

5. Funding co-operation with other non-profit agencies, religious and voluntary associations.



The Team
BOARD OF TRUSTEES Lawson H - Chairperson, Akinisinde I, Oyedokun O, Y Makinde, T Osigbeme

Advisory Council Dr Yemi Makinde (Executive Director and Chair of Advisory), Shahnawaz Nabi, Dr Yemi Fajingbesi, Karen Gordon, Dr Ayo Odusola,  Yinka Fagbamiye, Leslie Youngblood.

MANAGEMENT TEAM Dr. Yemi Makinde - Executive Director
Tony Osigbeme - Executive Secretary and Coordinator ( Programs & Technology)
Dr. A Baosman - Manager, Oil & Gas Operations.

Rowland Michael O.  - Manager, Africa Operations
B. Lawson - Business Manager                   


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